Energy Healing Calls

Let Me Find, Identify And Heal Anything That Energy Can Heal In Your Body

What will you get: .

I will use and "energy bundle" to scan your body and point out problematic areas it can find.

Don't be mistaken, this is incredibly powerful, so powerful that even I am dumbfounded. Examples of healing that have happened in just one call:
A regular student of mine I "meet" a few times a week, always came to the calls with a noticeable nausea.

One time, on the energy call I could not take it any more (as an empath I have to feel everything you feel, including nausea. In fact I feel eveerything 100 times stronger, I guess so that I can catch things that are just below your conscious awareness.

At the time she was making the rounds with doctors, exam after exam, but they could not find anything wrong with her, yet, she wasn't feeling well.

I unleashed the search energies on her and they found an obsctruction in her gall bladder. It was a gall stone the size of a thumb.

I sent the "Unbreakable®" to do what it could to remove the obstruction. It started to mold and squeeze the "stone" which is really a cholesterol deposit, and as such (cholesterol is fat!) it was malleable, much like clay. It shaped it into a pencil refill diameter and pushed it out of the gall-sac into the small intestine. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. Then we flushed the liver, which washed the gall bladder with flash gall. For a day or two it was sensitive after that, but she hasn't had nausea or stomach problems since. This was a few months ago. (I have the recording of the call on file)

Another interesting and unexpectable healing event took place just a week ago.
Another regular student of mine was on a breathing drill call. He wasn't sucking his belly in sufficiently, so I asked what was going on. He said it hurt.

I looked into him and found a hernia. I asked: you have a hernia? He answered: I had but it was fixed. I said: it is open again. (A hernia is a break or tear in the wall of the intestinal cavity. Through that tear some of the intestines protrude and cause pain and often inflammation.) I sent the G-energy to pull the intestine back where it belonged and then sawed the tear with Source-Light. It is now healed and he no longer has the pain and restriction. Amazing, isn't it?

He reviewed the video a few times to make sure it stays that way. I have the recording of that call too.

There are a lot more cases, but these were the most interesting. Other cases that I have encountered that healed or greatly improved on the calls: and probably much more that I can't remember. I am in a trans-like state during the call. I don't do the healing, the energies from Source do it.

Major issues, like cancer don't always respond. I can tell right away if they will or won't. If the tumor is willing to take up the energy, it will also heal. If it isn't penetrated by the energy, it is too late.

One of the benefits of coming to a call is that this method, the energy method, can see the potential of a problem way before it is visible with medical detection methods.

For example, It is obvious to me that someone is heading for a heart issue: their blood supply is restricted by emotions on the left side.

The sooner you find out what is coming down the pike for you, the faster you can start preventing it. Emotional issues, especially resistance, fear, anxiety are clearly detected by an empath, and you can start dealing with them. The Heaven on Earth can deal with habitual issues, my intensive courses also can remove attitudes that predispose you to disease and misery.

Calls are an hour long, and take place on Sundays. Each call is limited to 6~7 people. If more people apply, I'll open up another time slot.

You can pay for a subscription at the low introductory price, and be grandfathered when the price will inevitably rise as more people discover the magic of these methods.

Try it for just a dollar... stay on if you like it.

$15 introductory offer

$25 a session thereafter. You can cancel any time.

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One-on-one calls: sometimes you need more attention, or you have issues you'd rather people don't know about. If this is the case, I (rarely) offer individual calls, if it seems justified to me. The rate of those calls is $200/session. Sessions are maximum 60 minutes. Email me if you think you can't solve your issue on a group call.